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Orange and Basil juice

Orange and Basil Juice

5 of 5 300ml

Oranges are one of the most popular and widely grown fruits on the plant, team them up with fabulously fragrant Basil for a tasty and restorative juice drink. So what...

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Phillips HR1854 centrifugal juicer

Phillips HR1854 centrifugal juicer

Phillips HR1854 centrifugal juicer   Like most people, my first foray into the world of juicing was with a centrifugal juicer, in fact with this very model. Here we explain some of the pros and cons of the Phillips HR1854 juicer and centrifugal juicers in general.   Why choose a centrifugal juicer?   Most peoples […]

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Oscar Vital Max 900 masticating juicer

A review of the Oscar Vital Max 900 Masticating juicer

Oscar Vital MAX 900 single gear masticating juicer   I must admit that I have a soft spot for this juicer as it was the first wheat grass juicer I ever purchased but what led me to buy the Oscar Vital MAX 900 masticating juicer? Read on to find out more….. I liked the juicer […]

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lexen MK3 Juicer

Lexen healthy juicer

The Lexen healthy juicer could be the answer if you have the urge to start juicing but don’t want the expense of an electrically powered juicer.   Lexen healthy juicer Cheap, lightweight, portable and beautifully designed , what more could you ever want from a juicer? With fantastic quality juice as standard and some of […]

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Angel juicer

Angel juicer, The King of Masticating juicers

Angel juicer, what can we say about the legendary Korean juicer that everyone wants but few can afford? Read on to find out….   Angel juicer History   The angel juicer was the idea of Korean engineer and organic juice fanatic Mr Moon Hyun Lee, Mr Lee’s background in engineering allowed him to design what […]

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