Apple Frosty

Apple Frosty

Give a hot summers day a refreshing twist with this lemon laced fruit cooler.

This nutritious and wonderfully refreshing apple frosty juice slush is perfect for kicking back on a baking hot day when you need tasty coolness and nothing else will do!
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Apple Frostycoolness and nothing else will do!
You Will Need…..

350 ml of apple juice pressed in a macerating juicer.

1 unwaxed Lemon with rind on.

1 Tablespoon of organic honey.

3 cups of cracked ice.

Method of preparation

Wash the apples in lukewarm water and core them. cut them into quarters and pass through a juicer to extract the juice.

Wash the lemons in lukewarm water, if you can’t find unwaxed lemons, use a very light soap to wash wax off. Cut into quarters and pass through the juicer.

Crush the ice so that the blender will be able to handle the ice without any problems.

Place the apple and lemon juice into the blender of your choice and add the ice and honey.

Blend together until you reach the right consistency for you and add lemon slice for that finishing touch.

If you don’t have a macerating juicer,blend the apples and lemon and pass the mixture through a sieve to remove most of the pulp. Make sure you press all of the lovely fruity juice goodness through the sieve for maximum juicyness.

The result

A fresh lemon juice with a cool sweetness that simply chills any day out.
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lemon and lime frosty


You don’t like your apple frosty with lemon? Leave the lemon out and enjoy the apples on their own or add limes to the mix for that super tasty citrus burst!

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