Apple Sherbert

Apple Sherbet

Apple Sherbet

Method of Preperation

Give your taste buds a treat with this super food charged apple sherbet wonder.

This spectacular apple sherbet blast will leave your taste buds crying out for more but be careful..This ones for sipping only!


  • Whole Organic Apples
  • Mineral Water
  • Whole Organic Lemon
  • Chlorella
  • Cucumber

The total zingyness of this juice will leave you in no doubt that you will need just one small cup of this super food charged powerhouse to see you through those low sugar periods or for those quiet times when oral amusement is required. Sip over ice and appreciate the wonder, depth and length of the zingy flavours on a warm sunny day.

Blast off in your mouth happens immediately and without warning so hold on to your hats boys and girls .You can hold onto your health too,apple sherbet provides a sugary nutritious blast without all the nasty additives contained in most fizzy or fruity drinks. Kids love it and they’ll love you long into the future once they understand the lengths you went to give them the stuff they love and the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong! Just don’t let them catch you drinking it all.

Why does the juice have cucumber in it? Cucumber gives your skin a silica boost and also helps hydrate the skin,the hydrating organic water in the cucumber also helps thin this juice out and blends the chlorella flavour seamlessly with the apple and lemon.
You Will Need…..

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber Juice

3 large apples,washed and cored with skin on.

1/2 a cucumber.

2 Teaspoons of chlorella.

1 Lemon.

(Serves 2)
Method of preparation

Wash the apples in lukewarm water and core them. cut them into quarters and pass through a juicer to extract the juice.

Wash the lemons in lukewarm water, if you can’t find unwaxed lemons, use a very light soap to wash wax off. Cut into quarters and pass through the juicer.

Wash the cucumber in lukewarm water and cut into quarters and pass through a juicer to extract the juice.

Place the apple and lemon and cucumber juice into the blender of your choice and add the chlorella.

Blend together for 1 minute and add fruit slice for that finishing touch.

If you don’t have a macerating juicer,blend the apples and lemon and pass the mixture through a sieve to remove most of the pulp. Make sure you press all of the lovely fruity juice goodness through the sieve for maximum juicyness.
The result

A fresh apple juice sherbet with lemon juice punch. Cooling sweetness is provided by the cucumber and helps all the flavours combine with the chlorella.


You don’t like your apple sherbet with lemon? Add limes to the mix for that super tasty citrus burst!

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